Thursday, March 14, 2013

Ten Handshakes

Handshake by Aidan Jones
  1. Their fingers couldn't seem to fit right. It felt like forcing together a couple of mismatched puzzle pieces.
  2. I fell in love with his hands. They were doors to me, not to the man he appeared to be but to the man he was.
  3. His handshake made her feel damp and nervous, like a child who'd just wet the bed. 
  4. If her handshake had been a warning, his was a threat. If she was the Godfather, he was the bouncer with muscle and adrenalin to spare.
  5. The first thing I disliked was her handshake. She wobbled and clenched like a rat on ecstasy.
  6. They were two skittish horses, nosing each other out, their hands touching for a bare second and then shying away
  7. The grip of his hand was like coming home. .
  8. The woman's cold, knotted hands twined around his, like the twisted roots of a tree gripping frost-cracked rocks. 
  9. He took my hand in both of his, clasping it as if he were saving me from something. Like a benevolent uncle. A benevolent uncle who was trying to buy my vote.
  10. I stuck out my hand. "Hey, Melinda! Fancy meeting you here." The hand hovered in midair, half a handshake, a symbol of—something. Maybe the reason we'd never been more than friends.
Photo Credit: Handshake, a photo by Aidan Jones on Flickr.

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