Saturday, January 30, 2010

Indulge Me

A thrill of music and a sudden look across the room. Our eyes meet and you look away. Always so shy, why can't you say something, why can't you look at me? Everyone is moving, but we are two of the still. Come, come here; I want to dance. I want to feel that we're close, just for a moment. I want to have a part of me fulfilled, one dance would do it.

Then we're meeting, clasping hands, and in one wild moment you spin me around. I'm flying on golden wings! Stepping in time to the music, we may be dancing badly, but who cares? Just a twirl here, a graceful sweep there, and it feels as though the world is revolving dizzily around us, leaving us all alone in the eye of the storm.

Don't think about tomorrow, don't think about today. Don't think about where we'll be when this music ends! Just hold on tight and look into my eyes for once. This won't go any deeper, it can't, but for one moment I want to feel that we're close. I want to feel fulfilled, I must, for a moment. Just dance. Just dance. And somehow there won't be consequences, no repercussions, no second guessing. It will all end with the music, and my golden moment will be over. I'm selfish, I can't give you anything, but just dance. Please. Just dance.


Isn't Drowning all we've earned? said...

Beautifully written. Your writing is like poetry.

Heroditus Huxley said...

You have a lovely writing style, my dear. Keep practicing it, perfecting it. There aren't enough that have true talent in this.

Hope Chella said...

This is wonderful!!!! I love it! Thanks for commenting on my blog. I'm going to follow yours now :)

Abby Rogers said...

You all are so sweet! How can I thank you enough for the encouragement?