Sunday, March 4, 2012

Tears for Free Wings

HeartBroken-Tears are the Baptism of Soul by honikum

Little bits of me, dribbled out by increments.
Tearing, tearing. One creates the other.
Breathing comes choked, blockage in the throat and it seeps into my eyes.

     Give thanks for the dove that has flown,
     Rejoice for the white wings that at last found freedom.
     How hard it is for a caged bird to bless the unhindered ones.

          We smile through our tearing,
          We smile through the bars.
          No longer hearing their sweet song, we know
          The clouds will one day welcome us.

peace dove by AlicePopkorn
HeartBroken-Tears are the Baptism of Soul, a photo by honikum on Flickr.
peace dove, a photo by AlicePopkorn on Flickr.

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