Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I'm not begging. Who's begging? I only asked. You never gave me a chance.

Wouldn't you like it if I just gave up. Wouldn't you laugh? I'll bet you would. You'd like to see me writhing on the ground under your cell phone camera, begging you not to do it, hoping you'd have mercy. 

      That's what you get for trusting someone.

And so you'll share those pictures. You'll mock what we had. You'll smile--showing all your pointy white teeth--and spit profanities with your friends. My future employer is going to see those photos, and maybe he won't be my employer after all. My mom might come across them. My next children. All thanks to you.

I'm not begging, just asking. You'd love me to get on my knees and beg, to offer anything for the chance to smash that thing into 1,000 pieces. But you wouldn't give me the chance, would you? You're just too good for that. 
      That's what I get for trusting you.

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